Almost the only picture of me smiling.I love reading. I love reading good books. I especially love novels that sweep me away, losing me in their stories. I also like to write good books that sweep me away in their stories. And, because I love books and believe in good authors, I started this project. Not for any author, though. Traditionally published authors don’t need my help. That’s supposed to be the job of their publisher. If it isn’t happening for them, they need better representation. (Take it from somebody who’s been there, done that.)

What I’ve also done is committed myself to indie (self) publishing. (I can write exactly what I want, how I want.) Want a really rough job? Become an indie author, writing, editing, producing, and marketing your own books. And, usually, getting nowhere doing it unless you happen to be what most authors are not — part of ‘the popular crowd’. Sorry. Authors are, by and large, introverts, not perky socialites who throngs of people adore. It’s not our nature. We need solitude to write good books. And, mostly, we’re rather shy, though, often, you’d just think that we’re asocial and grumps. (We’re not. Just wallflowers at heart.) Anyway, onto talking about why I started this website.

IndiesRising.com showcases authors — “indie” authors — their fiction and non-fiction print, ebook, and audiobooks that come highly rated by me, by authors and readers I trust, and by the general readership sent via suggestion or according to their publicly posted reviews.

On IndiesRising.com, I strive to only feature authors whose books and novels, were movie ratings applied, would be rated anywhere from kids to general audience to PG, PG-13, and R. Some NC-17 might slip in, too. I don’t accept excessive sex, violence, gore, or cruelty. I don’t accept erotica, porn, BDSM, or X-rated. Unfortunately, I have to depend on the honesty of those who suggest the authors …because, no, I don’t read or, in the case of audiobooks, listen to every work or author presented on these pages. I depend on others, because there’s not enough time in life to read/listen to all these creative works. If you discover an author on my site whose work you think violates my rules of what is permissible, please DO report them to me using the Objectionable Content Form found on the second tab in the column to the right or, on small screens, scroll down a couple of sections.






IndiesRising does review visitor-suggested authors and books. Independent (self-published) authors may also nominate themselves. Make very sure that the author is independently (self) published, though.

However, IndiesRising.com is not taking public nominations on the website, right now. I do hope to open them in time, but, after getting threatened by some miffed erotica authors who happened by the site as I’ve been building it — that they’d bury me using my suggestion form — I figured I’d best rethink visitor generated nominations. So, for right now, visitor suggestions are not being accepted here. (Over on Facebook, yes). It takes about two days to get a new author’s page up and their books proliferated throughout the various webpages, and since there’s only me doing this, I can’t possibly afford to deal with thousands of bogus suggestions sent in as a protest against my policies. If you really have a good indie (self-published) author and/or book suggestion, you can find a brand new page for IndiesRising.com over on Facebook.




IndiesRising.com and/or its owner, D. L. Keur, do not gather any personal information about website visitors with these exceptions.

D. L. Keur, owner

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