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D.L. Keur is a passionate advocate for independently published authors, particularly as they grapple with uphill, most-often costly battles to get their names recognized in a saturated field dominated by trade-published authors with a great deal more backing. She writes fiction and nonfiction under various pen names, including "E.J. Ruek," "C.J. Country James, and "Aeros" — each of those names sweeping her across a variety of genres, including epic science fiction, unconventional romance in a Western setting, contemporary fiction, paranormal fiction, nonfiction, and . . . well, nearly anything that interests her.

I came to know Dawn several years ago through happenstance, and I've known no other person with quite the resilience to endure the brutal harshness of North Idaho — perhaps one reason that no matter what anyone else may say, she adheres to her convictions and when it comes to indy authors? You'll never find one on IndiesRising who hasn't been submitted by herself or authors she's come to trust for their own judgment on what, indeed, makes a standout author who writes well and doesn't compromise just to push out yet another book. In short, not just any indy author has a place on this website, and never will.

Dawn's history reaches well beyond books, however. She's an accomplished flutist who's played in orchestras, a webmaster who understands the nuance of code and scripting, a graphic and video artist, and an animal lover who keeps cats, dogs, two horses and yes, even crows, alive when most others might just abandon them because of the work they require.

You know, clichés live for a reason (though in my opinion they rarely justify usage in a good novel) and in Dawn's case — though she'll most certainly deny this — a few modest, but realistic clichés seem in order: Heart of gold. Tough as nails. Honest. Straightforward sometimes to the point of bluntness. Always. In short, if you don't want her opinion, don't ask.

To see this multi-talented author's books all in one place, visit her website at (Do not, by the way, overlook her blog there. Fascinating stuff.)

Laura Belgrave

Writing Books Across the Genre Spectrum

An author, an artist, a musician, a web designer and more, some call her a Renaissance woman. Her friends just call her Dawn.

D. L. Keur, a self-published, independent authorPublishing since the 20th Century, she usually writes under pen names, because she writes, not just cross-genre, but across a broad scope of genres, including paranormal, mainstream, horror, Western family saga/romance, and science fiction. Since deciding to control her own destiny at the turn of the Millennium, she's independently published six, now seven, books, three written under the pen name 'E. J. Ruek', two as 'C. J. "Country" James', a two volume science fiction epic published under the name 'Aeros', plus, writing as herself, a non-fiction self-help book for serious writers. You can find her at,,, and lots of other places around the Net.


How to Write a Good Book in 17 Days
Get-it-done self-help for serious writers

(Available in eBook & paperback)

How to Write a Good Book in 17 Days by D. L. Keur, a self-published, independent author

A step-by-step how-to guide on how to write a good book quickly and efficiently, written by an author who swore it was impossible …until she did it herself …three times in a row. And she’s a dedicated ‘pantser’, not a ‘plotter’.

Now, you can, too.

A must-have book for all serious writers who want and need to pay the bills doing what they love.

FROM THE AUTHOR: Way back before I set a moratorium on publishing my novels because of piracy, I set out to write at least two books a year. And did it. In fact, all three of my Montana Love Story novels were written in a month and under, with the second and still unpublished third book drafted in seventeen days and sixteen days, respectively. It was something which I hadn't thought myself capable, that is to write a good book — one of my books — in shorter than a year. I proved to myself that I could …only to quit publishing in a fit of temper about all my books having been pirated, even those exclusive to Amazon. A full two years plus from my previous novel's release, an author friend's needs prompted me to put my process down in an orderly, organized guide. Here it is in “How to Write a Good Book in 17 Days: Get-it-written self-help for serious writers.”   — D. L. Keur

D. L. Keur writing as E. J. Ruek

A Few SF Short Stories by Aeros

Dead Chicken Coffee,
Cyberpunk SF

(Available in eBook & paperback)

Dead Chicken Coffee, cyberpunk science fiction by Aeros (D. L. Keur), a self-published, independent author

A hacker gets interviewed, exposed, challenged, and propositioned.

Lung Moon,
Science Fiction

(Available in eBook & paperback)

Lung Moon, a science fiction short story by Aeros (D. L. Keur), a self-published, independent author

After centuries, they emerge, stronger, more canny, and less tolerant. One man knows their song. Only one.

Critical Abandon,
Space Opera

(Available in eBook & paperback)

Critical Abandon, a science fiction short story by Aeros (D. L. Keur), a self-published, independent author

Knocked cold during an attack on the ship, Kai who’s new to the strange ship, struggles to find his way in the chaos of disintegration. Everybody’s gone except some non-hominid pals. In the haste to abandon ship, everybody forgot him.

A short story from the SE epic by Aeros.

Welcome to Your Nightmare,
A Reality Check, SF

(Available in eBook & paperback)

Welcome to Your Nightmare by Aeros (D. L. Keur), a science fiction short story by Aeros (D. L. Keur), a self-published, independent author

This guy got one. Maybe you should, too.

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