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I’ve known Shawn Jones and his work since he first started writing Warrior’s Scar, book one of his series, The Warrior Chronicles. Shawn Jones is an Alpha male. Shawn Jones is honorable and believes in honor, integrity, valor.

Shawn Jones writes about an Alpha male — Cort Addison — writing honestly from the warrior’s perspective, because he was, himself, a soldier.

Some call him and his work misogynistic. I’m a woman. I’m a long-time feminist — lo-ong time — and believe me when I say that I fought and continue to fight that battle very well. Also believe me when I say that neither Shawn Jones nor his work is misogynistic. He and it is honest — honest about men (the cads and the reprobates as well as the kind and the valorous) and honest about women (the insipid and the spiteful as well as the kind and the valorous). I like that kind of honesty. I embrace it. I also embrace Shawn Jone’s The Warrior Chronicles. These are powerful tales that soar, and I say that despite knowing that the books could have stood a bit more editing.

These novels are powerful and great. They are also scientifically plausible, Shawn Jones having spent the time and the effort to engage the opinion of a physicist to help him hone the science that is the backbone of the series, its premise, its technology, and, yes, all its science. Says Shawn:

I have a physicist-friend in Canada that I run my science by regularly. I love the moments when he writes back, "That's totally reasonable. Go with it." I have to read a lot of science papers to keep up with the latest theories, and more than once I have had to change something to keep my science accurate. But it's worth it in the end. In my opinion, Clarke's "Hazards of Prophecy" essay should be required reading for sci-fi writers. I like to keep my science plausible, and if I ever decide anything is impossible I will start writing in another genre. (From “SciFi Author Shawn Jones Interviewed” by FCEtier)

Start to finish, you will enjoy this series if you are an independent thinker and not one of those people who’ve swallowed the programming advocated by nefarious Machiavellian interests, programming that makes you interpret everything, especially honesty, as a slight when it’s not.

— D. L. Keur

The Warrior Chronicles, a self-published science fiction series by independent author Shawn Jones

Shawn Jones, hard action-adventure science fiction authorShawn Jones lives in Northern California in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. An avid camper and fisherman, Shawn’s military, computer, and outdoors experience, give him a unique writing style that lends itself to science fiction with a western flair. His debut work, The Warrior Chronicles, will lead you on an adventure across time and space, to save humanity from both itself, and those who would do it harm. You can find the last remnants of Shawn Jones online at

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