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A kind, more benevolent man you will not find. While no stranger to war or hardship, neither one, Roland Boykin retains the grace of ‘The Benevolent’, and all of it reflects in his writing — the experience of war, the throes of hardship, and the kindness and god-worthy benevolence. New to writing, editing, and story creation, his works bespeak pure, honest creativity and heart. — D. L. Keur

independent, self-published author Roland BoykinBorn in the deep south along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, raised among the many rivers feeding the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, then finally out to the Pacific Northwest and the inlets of the Puget Sound. Joined the Navy to avoid the draft, and ended up in San Diego. Loved building and racing cars. President of a Southern California car club for several years in the mid 70's and raced whenever we could afford it.

Vietnam Vet, retired, living in Washington State with the two women and cats who I take care of since I'm now a certified care-taker. I've always been a voracious reader, but gravitated to fantasy as I got older. Tired of re-reading favorite stories while waiting for new ones to come out, the writer's bug bit me in 2012 and I decided to write my own stories. These were to be character driven stories that I would enjoy reading and not for anyone else. My children and friends convinced me otherwise.

Three children, six grand-children, and the Writer's Critique Group I manage keep me busy with never a dull moment.

The Pain of Compassion (Eyes of the Deluti Book 1), a novel

(Available in eBook & paperback)

The Pain of Compassion, a self-published novel by independent author Roland Boykin

Generations have passed since the Deluti War saw the destruction of the Council of Five and the loss of their Amulets of Focus. The amulets lay hidden and wait for the immortal blood of the Deluti to return through the line of men. The Spirits will choose who in the new generation will wear the amulets to counter the growing power of the Dark Lord.

Navon d'Roddell, the lonely son of a minor Baron, is chosen first. The Ancient One sends an ogre and a light-shifter to protect young Navon from the agents of the Dark Lord who will stop at nothing to gain control of an amulet.

Princess Sofia Salidoris is chosen also, but the amulet refuses until she overcomes the fear of her anger burning deep within. The ambition of an older sister drives her from their home.

Will Navon survive being pushed to the limit of his compassion, and Sofia harness the power of her anger before the evil of the Dark Lord plunges their kingdoms into war once again?

“I’m not usually a fan of fantasy, but this novel made me a fantasy fanatic. It grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. Boykin has created complex characters, and those who skip around or overlook reading the prologue will find themselves hopelessly lost. For the rest of us, sit back and be prepared to be swept away in a unique world of fiction.”

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