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A skilled writer, Richard Levesque pens stories in the tradition of the early-to-mid 20th Century pulps, but he raises that tradition to greater heights with a strong twist of trademark Levesque Noir. High quality, well-crafted reads, his novels are an immersive, genre-driven experience that will not fail to please fans wanting well-written, fast-moving tales. Heck, they please me, and I favor neither noir nor pulps from any era. Richard has, in fact, managed the impossible — turning a roll-eye, curled lip detractor of pulps and ‘avoider’ of noir into a “Strictly Levesque” fan of his. (So, yes, he writes very well.) — D. L. Keur


self-published, independent author Richard LevesqueBorn near Montreal, Canada, Richard Levesque grew up in Southern California. He began writing while in college, publishing several pieces in college journals while working on his undergraduate degree at Cal Poly Pomona. After finishing his Master's Degree in 1990, he focused more on teaching than writing for a few years, eventually completing his Ph.D. at UC Riverside in 2000. His dissertation was on Hollywood novelists of the 1920s and 1930s.

Since 1999, Richard Levesque has been part of the English Department at Fullerton College and turned again to writing a few years ago. His first book, Take Back Tomorrow, was published in 2012, and he has followed it with other science fiction and urban fantasy novels, novellas, and short stories. He primarily writes science fiction, but continues to have a strong interest in early Hollywood and Los Angeles history and culture and often works those themes into his writing.

When not writing or grading papers, he spends time with his wife and daughter, working on his collection of old science fiction pulps, and trying to be better than a mediocre guitar player.


Science Fiction


Historical/Myst Thriller Suspense

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