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I met P. R. Ford online because of her utterly delightful blog. A gardener and nature-lover — a lover of life in general — we are lucky that she is also very good with a camera, sharing with us her unique viewpoint. It is with that same spirit and ability that, though a latecomer to novel writing, she brings with her debut novels that same fresh eye and imaginative perspective. To quote Vine Voice reviewer Dea: “As flawless a book as I have seen, even from the print-houses …a fun read and well-written…. This is a really well done debut.” — D. L. Keur

P. R. Ford is a writer who used to be a Chartered Accountant, so, for her, the game has completely changed. While she still sits at a desk, the number keys on her keyboard are no longer suffering. It’s all the rest of the keys that are now screaming. “I now rattle away on word-processing software as opposed to designing spreadsheets and compiling accounts. Happiness is….”

For Prue — yes, that’s her real name — converting all the images and ideas in her imagination into written words and sharing them with her readers brings her true satisfaction. Says she:

I love reading stories in which the unexpected happens or things go wrong. Life is full of such twists. So when I began writing 'Losing Time' it was more or less inevitable that these two elements would play a major part.

‘Losing Time' was conceived in Ireland.

In 2005 on a visit to County Wexford I stayed in the same hotel where my late father had spent time in the 1930s. In those pre-war days it was still a private house, and he was a close friend of the family who lived there. My father died a long time ago, and I longed to ask him about what it had been like when he was a guest at this beautiful place in Ireland.

One morning I spied a small door in the corner of an elegant room, unmarked and therefore private. I wondered what lay behind the door and imagined walking through it into the past, finding my youthful father in the next room…

You will find P. R. Ford’s website at and you can subscribe to her blog on Blogspot here.

Losing Time Series by Author P. R. Ford

Losing Time (Book 1)

(Available in eBook & paperback)

Losing Time, a self-published novel by independent author P. R. Ford


What happens when a married man with a teenage daughter learns he has another child?

What if he travels to a foster home to retrieve his son, but on the return journey something inexplicable prevents them from reaching their destination?

And what if, twenty years on, the daughter receives a cryptic clue to her father's whereabouts?

'Losing Time' is a very human story about a young divorced woman trying to find the father who never returned home. Her search is baffling, unsettling and shrouded in mystery. It takes her on a journey beyond the boundaries of normal life, but don't expect this story to turn into a run-of-the-mill science-fiction fantasy because it's anything but. Woven into the intriguing plot are characters both delightful and abhorrent; moments of love and loss, loyalty and betrayal; and the ongoing question: who is chasing whom?


'I was hooked from the beginning' – CM

'I thoroughly enjoyed this book — it wasn't what I expected at all' – AA

'It engaged me immediately and it was hard to put down' – SM

Stopping Time (Book 2)

(Available in eBook & paperback)

Stopping Time, a self-published novel by independent author P. R. Ford

'She drew in a sharp breath as a terrifying image of Lily crossed her mind. The distraction lost her the hold on time, which immediately restarted.'

Lily died… didn't she? So why is Helen still haunted by her? And what is the obsidian cube, a mysterious artefact sent to her by Tobias?

In this gripping second novel in the 'Losing Time' series, Helen finds herself and others being drawn into the nightmarish world of the obsidian cube. Still shattered by her enforced separation from Garamond, she almost loses hope — until the discovery that her abducted brother Leo is alive.

Expect the usual surprises and thought-provoking revelations from this author, as Helen and her father join forces with Tobias to save Leo and end the time-tilting chase… forever.

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