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Author Michael K. White, Novelist and Playwright

Wild, wacky, and sublimely pertinent, Michael K. White is one of those brilliant minds you never, ever forget. What he has to say about the world, to the world is something you also never forget and, while maybe giving you a good chuckle, or even a belly laugh, the implications inherent in what he blatantly exposes will also give you nightmares. — D. L. Keur


Michael K. White with Kyle Bunch, F. Murray Abraham, photographer

Michael K. White, playwright and authorMICHAEL K. WHITE wasted his youth as a member of the semi -legendary playwriting group Broken Gopher Ink. Their New York shows were “Human Skeletal Remains,” 1983;” A Fall of Stones,” 1988; “The Black Blood of Angels,” 1989; “Stigmata,” 1990; “Men In Black,” 1991; “The Amazing Melting Man,” 1991; “Confetti,” 1995; “Clazion Catches Light,” 1995; and “My Heart and The Real World,” 1999-2001. Along with Dianna Stark, he is the author of the “Daguerreotype Dialogues,” a series of short plays produced and performed monthly by MTF Short Play Lab and Manhattan Repertory Co. in New York. Their full-length play, “Punk As Fuck,” was produced for a three-week run in June, 2015, by Everyday Inferno Theatre in New York. His novel, “My Apartment” and Broken Gopher Ink’s “Four Plays” and “Murder in the Men’s Store: An Anti Musical” are available on You can find Michael online at Facebook here and here.

“Comedy is the last refuge of the nonconformist mind.”

— Gilbert Seldes

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