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Incredibly tense, riveting reads. If you don’t mind sweating out whether Lance will make it this time, then these books are for you. And I hear there’s a brand new series coming out very soon. Hopefully, this one won’t have me digging my fingernails into my palms and leaving marks. — D. L. Keur

Lance Underphal Series

thriller author Michael Allan ScottMichael Allan Scott was born and raised at the edge of the high desert in Kingman, Arizona. He resides in Scottsdale with his wife, Cynthia and their rescue Doberman, Roxie. When asked about time spent in solitary confinement in a Maricopa felony block, Scott said, “Some things are better left a mystery.” Yet he admits to drawing on life’s darker experiences to create his genre-bending psychic photographer series, the Lance Underphal Mysteries. In addition to writing a new breed of murder mystery/thrillers and other works of speculative fiction, his interests include music, photography, art, scuba diving, and auto racing. For more, visit:

The Lance Underphal Series Buy the Series $13.79

Dark Side of Sunset Pointe


Dark Side of Sunset Pointe by Michael Allan Scott

If you like those hard-boiled characters, Harry Bosch, Lee Marvin, Harry Hole – wait until you meet Lance Underphal. A damaged police consultant, he sees murders before they happen. It’s a curse and only his dead wife can save him.

Featured on NBC’s Daytime Show, the first book in the Lance Underphal Mystery series is one of a new breed of mysteries and thrillers. Dark, different, and based on real-life events, this genre-bending murder mystery will keep you up nights guessing.

Looking for a new spin on a venerable old story? This intensely moving novel will grab you by the eyeballs and won’t let go. Hard to read. Harder to put down. Treat yourself to a wild ride on the Dark Side.

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