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Brian D. Meeks started his indie writing career with a YA novel and a thriller. He followed this by starting a hard-boiled detective series following the gritty Henry Wood. From there, he branched out and wrote a humorous novel, Underwood, Scotch, and Wry, about a washed-up writer named Arthur Byrne. And, of course, that project naturally led Meeks to take up Arthur Byrne's identity as a pen name to treat his readers to the Magellan series of science fiction novels. More recently, Brian has been working on non-fiction books that instruct other writers on the art of mastering Amazon ads. — Richard Levesque

Henry Wood Detective Agency Series, self-published by independent author Brian Meeks The Magellan Apocalypse series, self-published by author Brian Meeks writing as Arthur Byrne

independent, self-published author Brian MeeksBrian D. Meeks is an author who writes under his name and the pen name Arthur Byrne. He discovered a knack for weaving tales quite by accident on Jan 2, 2010, and has been writing every day since. Becoming a novelist has changed his life. As of September, 2015, Brian has written and published eleven novels and one non-fiction title. His first novels were the books in the Henry Wood Detective series. After that, he wrote a thriller called A Touch to Die For and a YA titled Secret Doors: The Challenge. During this time he also maintained the blog that started it all,

One reader of the blog asked why he hadn’t written anything more snarky, since there were often piles of snark in his blagh posts. Brian didn’t have a good answer and so Arthur Byrne was born. Arthur Byrne started out as the protagonist in Brian’s first satire, Underwood, Scotch, and Wry. He became a pen name with the release of Killing Hemingway and later wrote the first trilogy in a new science fiction series, The Magellan Apocalypse. Arthur also writes a lot of the snarky newsletters because Brian just can’t be bothered with such things.

Brian lives in a small town in Iowa, plays tennis and golf, and loves gathering data about his books. He’s a data junkie. He is also a huge fan of guinea pigs.

Henry Wood Detective Series, Mystery/Crime/Noir Buy the Series $21.96

Henry Wood Detective Agency (Book 1)

(Available in eBook & paperback)

Henry Wood Detective Agency by independent, self-published author Brian D. Meeks

Henry knew one thing… Dames were trouble. Would this client be the exception?

She walked in, sat down, crossed her legs, and asked for a light. Boy could she cross a leg. Before the woman had told him why she needed a detective, Henry wondered if she was playing him.

It was something about her. The red lips and smoldering eyes were just a little too perfect. She knew how to get her way. And the dress… She wore a Dior dress that would make an hourglass self-conscious. Was it the "damsel in distress" act? This was the second one he'd seen this week. Something wasn't adding up. 1955 was going to be an interesting year.

You'll love this noir mystery with a twist, because everyone loves a broken detective trying to do what's right.

Henry Wood: Time and Again (Book 2)

(Available in eBook & paperback)

Henry Wood: Time and Again by independent, self-published author Brian Meeks

It was left outside his door… A 45-rpm record… …and it tore out Henry's heart.

Sometimes a memory from the past can make a guy drink. Especially if that memory was of the only woman he had ever loved. And now it seemed somebody was messing with him…but who? Was it meant to be a distraction? A cruel joke?

Outside a bar across town, a pile of cigarette butts piled up on the street. They waited for Mickey. It would look like a hit and run. When Henry got the call, his melancholy turned to grief and then to quiet rage. Somebody had just run down his best friend and mentor. Henry's next client would be himself.

You'll love this second installment in the Henry Wood Detective series, because the twist and turns will take you for a ride through 1955 Manhattan.

Henry Wood Perception
(Book 3)

(Available in eBook & paperback)

Henry Wood: Perception by independent, self-published author Brian Meeks

Perception and reality can differ… …and it might get him killed. Henry has one thing on his mind, and that's opening day. Celine runs the Henry Wood Detective Agency like a well-oiled machine. Their reputation grows. It seemed like a simple case.

The police think Daniel Kupton killed himself and Henry agrees. But this case isn't open and shut. Clues lead to questions. Questions lead to trouble. And it all points to the KGB. Who can Henry trust?

You'll love this mystery because everyone enjoys a battle of wits with an evil super power.

Henry Wood: Edge of Understanding (Book 4)

(Available in eBook & paperback)

HenryWood, Edge of Understanding by independent, self-published author Brian Meeks

1955 has been a good year for Henry, now, someone wants to ruin it for him. A recent series of murders all appear to have connections to Henry, and it's more than just a coincidence. Is there a new serial killer in the Big Apple? Is someone trying to set Henry up?

Henry doesn't have time to worry about them, though, he's on another case. Or so he thought when he agreed to look into Mrs. Palmeroy's fears her husband may be planning a murder…his own. Invited to spend the weekend at the Palmeroy's Henry soon learns that his client has brought him there under false pretenses. Lies become truths in this tangled web of a mystery.

Readers who like their mysteries with lots of twists and turns will love Edge of Understanding.

Writing as Arthur Byrne

The Magellan Apocalypse series Buy the Series $8.99

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